How The Tao of Badass Transformed My Life

Attractive Man Observes the View

After perusing the internet for some time, and coming across Matt Miller’s Tao of Badass review, I decided to take the plunge and invest in another dating product. And I have to say, for once, I am not disappointed. Generally it seems like more effort gets putting into writing sales letters and hyping products than actually putting together material that works.

Before I get into the complete mental shift that Josh Pellicer’s program created for me, I just want to address something else I came across. This was posted on Matt Forney’s blog, how to not pick up girls, and there was a part that I felt was worth reiterating to you regarding negging women (putting down women to attempt to raise your value in her eyes),

“Get off Facebook, for Christ’s sake. Read a book and hit the gym and you won’t need to practice insulting old women.” [Read more…]

5 Dating Tips that’ll Immediately Make You Better with Women

A well dressed gentleman - the ladies love it.
What looks better, the hot cup of coffee or that finely tailored suit?

I am not going to sugar coat anything or beat around the bush. Women can be a handful. They can be downright confusing. Just when you think you are giving them what they want, it turns out they don’t want it. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Don’t get up in arms yet. Even though we haven’t completely figured out women, and we may never will, we have learned a couple things that have been proven time and time again to help guys improve their mindset and skills with women.

I want to share 5 tips that have made a big difference in my life, as well as many others that I know. [Read more…]